About Us

I thought there must be something on the market designed to keep bra straps out of sight.
But scouring the internet only turned up the ribbon and safety pin solution, and that had been on the market for 70 years.

The unlikely inspiration for StrapTrap was electric cable conduit.
By the afternoon a prototype was made – and it worked.

Knowledge Dock UEL made working samples using a 3D printer.

The timing was great as the design had just been shortlisted for the Female Inventor of the Year Award.

Shortly afterwards the design was awarded a gold medal at the British Inventors’ Show.

Working closely with a local manufacturer, the design was refined.
StrapTrap is still manufactured by the same company in the UK.

Very soon professional dressmakers saw the benefits of using StrapTrap.
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In 2014, the design was licensed to PRYM a large haberdashery company in Germany


Is your sewing box a tangle of unravelling thread? Another everyday problem solved here.


Another innovative product was selected for the prestigious Design Council SPARK Award in 2019.  It is an amazing product that can hang dry 10 shirts in less than half a square metre and pack away into a drawer.

Watch this space for developments.