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What Customers Say

‘I have worked in the bridal industry for 20 years and this is without doubt the best problem solving aid I have come across. Stitching in a StrapTrap is quicker, neater, and flatter and more secure solution to an age old problem. In fact every wedding dress with straps that we sell has StrapTraps in them.’ Amelia Classics Leicestershire
‘I first came across strap trap back in 2005 . The product was a useful gadget for dressmaking and alterations. I am still her loyal customer! ’ Amie B Clothing Sheffield

‘The strap traps are the greatest thing since sliced bread ’ Carolyn Kelly Designs

‘They’re brilliant !’ Janie Wheeler Dressmaker London

‘I have been using strap-traps in my garments, since I was introduced to them in 2003. I have never looked back. I think they have been the best invention for dressmakers since the zip over 100 years ago. They fully hold the bra into place in any garment weather it is a heavier structured bodice style or a lighter weight slinky evening dress because the bra strap can slide in the clip and the strap is not locked. We have lots of customers who think it’s such a great idea, that after having one garment made with the clips in, they come back in with all their other precious garments to have the 
strap-traps put into them. The price of the strap-trap, I find is much cheaper than the price incl labour you have to put into alternative solutions to the same problem.’ 
Freja Fashion Edinburgh Scottish Bridal Designer of the Year

‘Securing bra straps is daily occurrence for us as we sell evening and cocktail wear as well as everything for the bride, her bridesmaids and the mothers. We used a couple of methods in the past but have to admit your invention is quicker.’ Ragamuffin Oxford

‘We used to sew ribbon and invisible press studs to our straps to hide the underwear which was bulky and sometimes impossible on narrow straps. Now with the introduction of this simple but ingenious method of securing straps daintily and invisibly inside our evening and bridal gowns, an annoying and reoccurring problem has disappeared.’ 
Catriona Dowse Bridal Rogue Gallery London

‘Great little invention—saves me loads of time in my couture business. ’ Alice & Co London

‘I always struggle with sliding bra straps and frequently make alterations to my bras/clothing to correct this I came across the StrapTrap. What a great idea! I add them to all my tops/dresses and recommend them to my friends’. A Holly Surrey 

‘’I am delighted with them. ‘ Blue Cat Clothing Edinburgh

‘They work a treat! ‘ Magic Moments Monmouthshire 

‘What a timesaver this will be!’ Geraldine Bridal Shropshire 

‘They are wonderful! I am so pleased not to be messing around making lingerie strap retainers on all current and subsequent dresses!!’ What a fabulous idea, well done!’ Judith D Liverpool

‘I have searched high and low for a product like this and I am thrilled with how effective and easy to use the Strap Trap is. A simple and ingenious product. Thanks’ Monica Ellis USA

‘They're quick and easy to sew into your tops and dresses and can help make your whole outfit look great all day long, without any strap slippage.’ Breasttalk.co.uk

                                                   'an annoying and recurring  problem has disappeared' 

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